Effect of Malus Domestica (Apple Peel) Extract on Peripheral Blood and Bone Marrow Cells of Prednisolone Treated Mice


  • Iram Kamal Department of Pharmacology, Fatima Jinnah Medical University, Lahore.
  • Rizwan Faisal Department of Pharmacology, Rehman Medical College, Peshawar.
  • Lubna Amer Department of Pharmacology, Fatima Jinnah Medical University, Lahore.
  • Abdul Mudabbir Rehan Department of Pharmacology, D.G. Khan Medical College, Dera Ghazi Khan.
  • Sadia Chiragh Head, Department of Pharmacology, Al-Aleem Medical College, Lahore.




Malus domestica, Prednisolone, Peripheral blood cell count.


Introduction: Apple peel is rich in many bioactive compounds and has been studied for its beneficial effects and protective role in multiple disorders, but its effect on blood cells and bone marrow needs to be investigated.

Aims & Objectives: To determine the effects of apple peel extract on peripheral blood and bone marrow cells of prednisolone treated mice.

Place and duration of study: Pharmacology Department of Post Graduate Medical Institute and Pathology Department of Fatima Jinnah Medical University, Lahore from June to September, 2016.

Material & Methods: Forty Swiss albino mice were randomized into five equal groups. Normal control group was given distilled water. Model group was given prednisolone 4 mg/kg orally. Experimental low, medium, and high dose groups were given 25 mg/kg, 50mg/kg and 100 mg/kg apple peel extract respectively along with prednisolone for 14 consecutive days by oral route. On 14th day, blood was analyzed for red blood cell, platelet, total leukocyte, and differential leukocyte count whereas, bone marrow was analyzed for erythropoiesis, megakaryocytes, myelopoiesis, lymphocyte and plasma cell count.

Results: Prednisolone treatment group exhibited significantly raised neutrophil and decreased lymphocyte percentage, whereas anon-significant rise in RBC, WBC, and platelet count was noted as compared to the normal group. Bone marrow smear megakaryocytes, myelopoiesis, lymphocytes, and cellularity: fat ratio also increased non-significantly by prednisolone treatment. Low dose of apple peel extract enhanced these effects, making significant difference, while medium and high doses negated these effects in accordance with their dose.

Conclusion: Apple peel extract in low dose complemented the effect of prednisolone on hematological parameters of mice peripheral blood and bone marrow, while high dose nullified these effects in a dose dependent manner.




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Iram Kamal, Rizwan Faisal, Lubna Amer, Abdul Mudabbir Rehan, Sadia Chiragh. Effect of Malus Domestica (Apple Peel) Extract on Peripheral Blood and Bone Marrow Cells of Prednisolone Treated Mice. Proceedings S.Z.M.C [Internet]. 2021Apr.21 [cited 2021Jun.23];35(2):28-34. Available from: http://proceedings-szmc.org.pk/index.php/szmc/article/view/101