Rejection Policy

An article failing to meet the criteria stated in the submission and plagiarism policies will be liable for initial rejection at the time of submission.


Articles rejected for publication are:

  • A paper submitted to Proceedings which has been made available in:
  • A blog, periodical, or book
  • A conference report or proceedings of a symposium
  • A technical bulletin or brochure
  • Any retrievable source on the internet

Failure to address Ethical issues and provide clearance obtained (Ethics Committee, Institutional Review Board approval number/ ID and certificate on demand of the editor) is a case for rejection. For multicenter studies, where data is used from different hospitals, permission to use data for each healthcare facility should be obtained. In case there is no intervention involved, a waiver certificate should be obtained from the EC/IRB.

Papers from FCPS Dissertations require synopsis approval from RTMC of CPSP.

Authors taking any assistance from Chat GPT or any other Artificial Intelligence tools for the preparation of the manuscript are liable for rejection.

Failure to complete timely corrections as advised by the reviewers and Chief Editor.

We reserve the right to reject a paper even after it has been accepted in case it becomes apparent that there are serious problems with its scientific content, or our publishing policies have been violated. Moreover, in certain cases a letter of “disownment” may also be issued by the editorial board retrospectively for a previously published article if the aforementioned conditions arise. In such case, the online version will be removed and replaced with the justification letter issued by the Editorial Board.