Contents: October to December 2019

Frequency of QT Interval Prolongation in Chronic Liver Disease Patients
DOI: 10.47489/p000s334z7221-4mc

Evaluation of Renal Function Parameters in Normotensive and Pre-Eclamptic Pregnant Women at Different Stages of Pregnancy
DOI: 10.47489/p000s334z7231-4mc

Histopathological Evaluation of Gastro- Hepatoprotective Effect of Cassia fistula versus Naproxen in Rat Model of Rheumatoid Arthritis
DOI: 10.47489/p000s334z7241-6mc

Frequency of Mucocutaneous Manifestations of Asthma in Paediatric Patients Aged 2-14 Years
DOI: 10.47489/p000s334z7251-5mc

An Update on Isolation of Extensively Drug Resistant (XDR) Salmonella enterica from Blood Cultures in a Tertiary Care Centre
DOI: 10.47489/p000s334z7261-5mc

Effects of Commiphora mukul, Withania somnifera and Thyroxine on Thyroid Profile in Murine Model of Hypothyroidism
DOI: 10.47489/p000s334z7271-6mc

Frequency of Various Bleeding Disorders Among Gynecological and Obstetric Patients Presenting with Bleeding
DOI: 10.47489/p000s334z7281-6mc

Hepatoprotective Effect of Ajwa Date Seed and Simvastatin in Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) Murine Model of Butter Fed Dyslipidemia
DOI: 10.47489/p000s334z7291-6mc

Frequency of Hyperprolactinemia in PCOS and its Association with Female Infertility
DOI: 10.47489/p000s334z7301-5mc

Trends in Exclusive Breastfeeding Practices and Factors Affecting Mothers in Suburbs of Lahore
DOI: 10.47489/p000s334z7311-5mc

Association of Health Literacy and Glycemic Control in Type-2 Diabetic Patients
DOI: 10.47489/p000s334z7321-5mc

Multiple Cranial Nerve Palsies, Without Definitive Brain Lesion. Rare Case of Plasma Cell Myeloma
DOI: 10.47489/p000s334z7331-3mc


Contents: July to September 2019

National nutrition survey of Pakistan, 2011 A critical appraisal
DOI: 10.47489/p000s333z7131-2mc

Association of low serum vitamin D with varying degrees of myopia in students of FJMU
DOI: 10.47489/p000s333z7141-6mc

Association of serum ferritin level with the development of CKD in diabetic patients
DOI: 10.47489/p000s333z7151-6mc

Seraprevalence of varicella zoster virus immunoglobin G among Asymptomatic healthcare workers
DOI: 10.47489/p000s333z7161-5mc

Protective effects of Ajwa fruits on nicotine induced changes in rat body and ovarian weight with relative tissue weight index
DOI: 10.47489/p000s333z7171-6mc

Antioxidant role of angiotensin converying engyme inhibitors and angiotensin receptors in an in vitro biochemical model
DOI: 10.47489/p000s333z7181-4mc

Association between blood groups and myopia among medical students of Fatimah Jinnah Medical University
DOI: 10.47489/p000s333z7191-5mc

Factors affecting knowledge and utilization of contraceptive methods among women visiting gynecological out patient departments: A single centre study
DOI: 10.47489/p000s333z7201-5mc

Prophylactic role of curcumin against tubular astrophy caused by aspirin in kidneys of adult albino female rats
DOI: 10.47489/p000s333z7211-6mc


Contents: May to June 2019

Comparative Study of Serum Magnesium and Lipid Profile in Normal Weight, Over-Weight and Obese Young Adult Males
DOI: 10.47489/p000s332z7041-5mc

Anti-Obesity and Hypolipidemic Effects of Ajwa Date Seed Compared to Simvastatin in Butter Fed Dyslipidemic Rats
DOI: 10.47489/p000s332z7051-7mc

Barriers Towards Research Among Medical Students
DOI: 10.47489/p000s332z7061-5mc

Comparison of Rate of Port Site Wound Infection in Patients Undergoing Arthroscopy Port Closure by Stitch Versus Steri-Strips
DOI: 10.47489/p000s332z7071-5mc

Comparative Mutagenic Potential of Anti-Influenza Drugs using AMES Salmonella / Microsome mutagenicity Assay
DOI: 10.47489/p000s332z7081-5mc

Effect of Ajinomoto (MSG) on Weight & Length of Uterine Tubes of Female Albino Rats
DOI: 10.47489/p000s332z7091-5mc

Treatment of High Fat Diet-Induced Hyperhomocysteinemia with Pyridoxine, Cinnamon and Pitavastatin in Young Male Albino Rats
DOI: 10.47489/p000s332z7101-6mc

The Spectrum of Cerebral Venous Thrombosis Presenting at a Tertiary Care Centre: A Case Series
DOI: 10.47489/p000s332z7111-5mc

Splenogonadal Fusion, Rare Cause of Scrotal Mass in Children A Case Report
DOI: 10.47489/p000s332z7121-6mc


Contents: January to April 2019

Effect of Spearmint Leaf Extract on Crown Rump Length of Pups of Swiss Albino Mice
DOI: 10.47489/p000s331z694-1-5mc

Comparative Study of the Cardiovascular Effects of Oral Hypoglycemics When Given Alone or in Combination: An In-Vitro Analysis
DOI: 10.47489/p000s331z695-1-4mc

Ajwa Dates Ameliorate Myocardial Toxicities Induced by Clozapine in Rats
DOI: 10.47489/p000s331z696-1-8mc

Knowledge about Oral Health and Diseases in Public School Teachers of Lahore
DOI: 10.47489/p000s331z697-1-5mc

Frequency of Congenital Fetal Anomalies and Associated Risk Factors Among Patients of the Radiology Department of Frontier Medical and Dental College Abbottabad
DOI: 10.47489/p000s331z698-1-7mc

Oral Health Status of Psychiatric Patients Among the Residents of Lahore
DOI: 10.47489/p000s331z699-1-8mc

Thyroid Screening in Pregnancy: Simple and Reliable
DOI: 10.47489/p000s331z700-1-5mc

Prophylactic Role of Curcumin against Aspirin Induced Congestion of Blood Vessels in Kidneys of Adult Female Albino Rats
DOI: 10.47489/p000s331z701-1-5mc

Gender Disparity of Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Metastatic Adenocarcinoma; A Survey Report
DOI: 10.47489/p000s331z702-1-5mc

Case Reports of Unusual Presentation of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia
DOI: 10.47489/p000s331z7031-4mc