Acute Anterior Uveitis (Ocular Manifestation of COVID-19): A Case Report


  • Tayyaba Gul Malik Department of Ophthalmology, Rashid Latif Medical College, Lahore



Uveitis, COVID 19, Conjunctivitis


A 55 years old female presented in an eye clinic of Lahore, Pakistan with redness, dull ache and mild blurring of vision in her left eye for 2 days. On examination, her best corrected visual acuity was 6/6 partial in right eye and 6/9 partial in left eye. Slit lamp examination revealed bilateral follicular conjunctivitis and circum-corneal congestion of the left eye with mild flare and +2 cells in anterior chamber. Fundus examination was normal on both sides. Prednisolone eye drops were suggested six times a day and patient was called after two days. On follow up visit, circum-corneal congestion was reduced and cells in anterior chamber were +1. The patient had moderate fever with mild respiratory symptoms. COVID RT- PCR was done which came out positive. The patient was isolated. Topical steroids were tapered over two weeks and telephonic follow-up was continued. Systemic and ocular symptoms improved over a period of two weeks without any sequelae.




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