Qualities of PBL Leader: The Students’ Perspective


  • Tayyaba Azhar Department of Medical Education, University College of Medicine & Dentistry, Lahore.
  • Junaid Sarfraz Department of School of Health Professions' Education, Medical College and Institute of Dentistry CMH, Lahore.
  • Maimoona Nasreen Department of Physiology, University College of Medicine & Dentistry, Lahore.




Problem based learning, leadership, students' perspective.


Introduction: Problem based learning is an educational strategy in which students work together in a collaborative way to solve a given problem/scenario that they are expected to experience in their real life setting. Students' work in a group of 12-13. The group members' work under the leadership of the group leader.

Aims & Objectives: This study aims to investigate the perceptions of students' regarding the qualities of PBL group


Place and duration of study: The study was conducted in the University College of Medicine and Dentistry. Total 30 2nd Year MBBS students were included in the study.

Material & Methods: This was a qualitative descriptive exploratory study. Three focus group discussion sessions were conducted. The sessions were tape- recorded and were then converted into written document. The data was analyzed by using Atlas ti; a qualitative data analysis tool and themes were generated.

Results: Initially the entire document was read and line to line coding was done which resulted in 300 codes, a second cycle of coding resulted in 95 codes, which were reduced to 78 codes after the third cycle. Finally, 17 codes were formed which were pertinent to the research objective and 5 themes with various sub-themes.

Conclusion: PBL promotes collaborative learning under the group leader. This current study provides a guideline to students and medical colleges regarding the qualities of PBL group leaders and will also help in inculcating these qualities.




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